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Unicode® Technical Notes

Unicode Technical Notes provide information on a variety of topics related to Unicode and internationalization technologies. See also Unicode Technical Reports

These technical notes are independent publications, not approved by any of the Unicode Technical Committees, nor are they part of the Unicode Standard or any other Unicode specification. Sole responsibility for their contents rests with the author(s), and publication does not imply endorsement by the Unicode Consortium in any way. These documents are not subject to the Unicode Patent Policy.

Public feedback received on Unicode Technical Notes may be passed along to the author(s), but these documents are not part of any formal review process. They are not intended for further development as standards, and should not be viewed as equivalent to internet drafts or RFCs.

Technical Notes
UTN1 Issues in Indic Language Collation
UTN2 Rendering Combining Marks
UTN3 Encoding Scripts from the Past
UTN4 Leaks in the Unicode Pipeline
UTN5 Canonical Equivalence in Applications
UTN6 BOCU-1: MIME-Compatible Compression
UTN7 Migrating Software to Supplementary Characters
UTN8 Toward a Model for Language Identification
UTN9 Deterministic Sorting
UTN10 Introduction to Indic Scripts
UTN11 Representing Myanmar in Unicode
UTN12 UTF-16 for Processing
UTN13 GDP by Language
UTN14 A Survey of Unicode Compression
UTN15 Text Conversion From TSCII 1.7 to Unicode
UTN 17 TAB to Unicode Conversion
UTN 18 TAM to Unicode Conversion
UTN 19 Recommendations for Creating New Orthographies
UTN 20 Byzantine Musical Notation
UTN 21 Tamil Numbers
UTN 22 Robust Vertical Text Layout
UTN 23 To the BMP and Beyond! (a Unicode tutorial)
UTN 24 Sample American English Translation of Unicode Names List
UTN 25 Gurmukhi Character Names
UTN 26 On the Encoding of Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, and Han
UTN 27 Known Anomalies in Unicode Character Names
UTN 28 UnicodeMath: A Nearly Plain-Text Encoding of Mathematics
UTN 29 The Use of Phonetic and Other Symbols in Dictionaries: A Brief Survey
UTN 30 ISCII to Unicode Conversion Issues for Gurmukhi
UTN 31 Fast Compression Algorithm for Unicode Text
UTN 32 Mapping Between Manuel de Codage and Unicode Egyptian Hieroglyphs
UTN 33 List of Dandas in the Unicode Standard
UTN 34 Unicode Collation Case Study: Sorting French Topic Lists
UTN 35 Indonesian and Philippine Scripts and extensions
UTN 36 A Categorization of Unicode Characters
UTN 37 Duployan Shorthand Rendering Model
UTN 39 Bidi Brackets for Dummies
UTN 40 Old Italic Glyph Variation
UTN 41 Church Slavonic Typography in Unicode
UTN 42 Tangut Character Additions and Glyph Corrections
UTN 43 Unihan Database Property “kStrange”
UTN 44 Medieval Latin Character Recommendations
UTN 45 Unihan Property History
UTN 46 Rendering the Allah Ligature
UTN 47 Implementing Javanese
UTN 48 Implementing Kawi
UTN 49 A Review of Shifts in Gurage Orthography
UTN 50 KP-Source Property Value History
Withdrawn Technical Notes