Renaming some type attribute values for <contextTransformUsage> element

Peter Edberg pedberg at
Fri Feb 21 00:13:21 CST 2014

The <contextTransformUsage> element was introduced in CLDR 21. The current values for its type attribute are documented in the table <contextTransformUsage> type attribute values. (These are also used in slightly modified form by the <casingItem> metadata element).

Some of these values are a bit misleading. For CLDR 25, we are planning to change them as follows:
• “type” → “keyValue”
• “displayName” → “currencyName”
• “displayName-count” → “ currencyName-count”
• “tense” → “relative”
We are also planning to add a new value “number-spellout”. The CLDR 25 draft LDML specification thus updates the above table, and also documents the changes.

We don’t believe these values are currently used outside of ICU. If changing them would cause problems for CLDR users, please let me know.

Thank you,
Peter Edberg (for CLDR team)

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