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Markus Scherer at
Sat Feb 22 18:26:52 CST 2014

Dear CLDR team & users,

I thought I had proposed this to all of you before, but apparently I only
did so to ICU users+team and to the CLDR dev team. Sorry!

So here goes: We are deprecating the collation variableTop setting, and
replacing it with the maxVariable setting.

The collation "variable top" is the highest primary weight that is affected
by "alternate=shifted", which is more colloquially known as "ignore
punctuation". The variableTop settings specifies this weight via a
character (or string), but it requires intimate knowledge of how this works
and of the current version's collation mappings.

Instead, the maxVariable setting has only four values which are called
"space", "punct", "symbol", and "currency". The "variable top" is set to
the top of the specified reordering group.

For BCP 47, I added the following to CLDR's bcp47/collation.xml, for
support of this setting in language tags, such as

        <key name="kv" description="Collation parameter key for
maxVariable, the last reordering group to be affected by ka-shifted"
            <type name="space" description="Only spaces are affected by
ka-shifted" since="25"/>
            <type name="punct" description="Spaces and punctuation are
affected by ka-shifted (CLDR default)" since="25"/>
            <type name="symbol" description="Spaces, punctuation and
symbols except for currency symbols are affected by ka-shifted (UCA
default)" since="25"/>
            <type name="currency" description="Spaces, punctuation and all
symbols are affected by ka-shifted" since="25"/>

You can see some of the discussion in
and all of the changes in

The new documentation is live at

Please let me know if you have objections.

Google Internationalization Engineering
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