Day period rules for locale ee

kz kazede at
Wed Dec 2 20:47:16 CST 2015

Locale ee has this rule for night1:

<dayPeriodRule type="night1" from="21:00" before="4:00"/>

The interval wraps around midnight and continues into the next day. Is this
allowed? The spec doesn't seem to forbid this, although it seems to imply
that when the interval goes over midnight, it's broken into two rules (and
most of the rule sets do this).

>From the spec:

dayPeriodRules with the same type must not be adjacent, except when they
> meet at 24:00/00:00. Example:
> <dayPeriod type = "night1" from="00:00" to="5:00"/>
> <dayPeriod type = "night1" from="21:00" to="24:00"/>

Is this a mistake? Or are both ways acceptable?

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