iPhone's other languages list from CLDR?

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Those are names of languages available as part of data for CLDR-supported
locales. The mere fact that CLDR has this data doesn't necessarily mean
that that language is a CLDR locale; i.e. having all sort of other
information (date/time format, numbers, etc.) beyond these names. Here is
the language name for Hausa as appearing in data file for German:


Hope this helps.

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On Dec 29, 2015 8:01 AM, "Don Osborn" <dzo at bisharat.net> wrote:

> Greetings, Does anyone know if Apple relied on CLDR for its long list of
> "other languages" (~240 by my estimation) on iPhone6c(plus)? Apologies that
> this is off-topic (replies offline probably best).
> The list of "other languages" - not the "iPhone languages" fully supported
> in iOS - is impressive, though looking at some of the 74 African languages*
> included (by my count) it seems most are not supported beyond calendars.
> Charles Riley suggested offline that some aspects of the list make it
> appear that it lists what's on CLDR.  However there are some languages one
> would expect to see that are not there (Hausa, Amharic, among others).
> Really interested to know more about Apple's thinking and methods on this.
> TIA for any info or leads.
> Best wishes to all for the New Year 2016.
> Don Osborn
> *
> http://niamey.blogspot.com/2015/12/list-of-african-languages-on-iphone6s.html
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