Breaking changes to data file names

Doug Ewell doug at
Thu Mar 19 11:25:55 CDT 2015

Steven R Loomis <srloomis at us dot ibm dot com> wrote:

> they are intended to be permanent as per

It might not have been quite so bad if the name had been changed to
"" as originally proposed in the ticket. An application
would have no imaginable way to map "" to ""
on its own.

I see from the ticket that the change from "core" to "common" was
approved literally yesterday (March 18). That's really not a lot of time
before a release to do the due diligence of finding out whether external
references, such as RFCs and IANA registries, are affected. It looks
like only internal references were considered.

> Perhaps could be a redirect (or symlink ) to the actual file?

That would work, since the location of the files within the archive
(common\bcp47) has not changed.

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