Breaking changes to data file names

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Thu Mar 19 11:59:33 CDT 2015

"CLDR-Users" <cldr-users-bounces at> wrote on 03/19/2015 09:25:55
> From: "Doug Ewell" <doug at>
> ...
> I see from the ticket that the change from "core" to "common" was
> approved literally yesterday (March 18). That's really not a lot of time
> before a release to do the due diligence of finding out whether external
> references, such as RFCs and IANA registries, are affected. It looks
> like only internal references were considered.
> > Perhaps could be a redirect (or symlink ) to the actual file?
> That would work, since the location of the files within the archive
> (common\bcp47) has not changed.

Perhaps the CLDR-TC should have a line item for releases to verify that
files referenced by the external specs have not changed. It shouldn't be
too large of a list. At least one of the above RFCs does have a specific
URL in it.

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