Additional French Time Patterns ?

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Tue May 5 13:49:29 CDT 2015

Le 05/mai/2015 14:22, Markus Scherer a écrit :
> As Steven said, you may want to submit a CLDR ticket for changing the 
> French time format patterns.

I will do that. But I thought a bit of debate and input from various 
people may help...

> I wonder a little: If the form "12 h 54" is truly more common,

Well, « common » may depend on what you look at. It is certainly the way 
style guides generally recommend formatting hours.

Now the "hh:mm" format is creeping at more and more places because of 
computers and electronic devices imposing this format, but I thought 
CLDR was about improving the situation born out of a single format being 
imposed to all...

I was trying to find a compromise between the « technical » American 
notation (":") and a traditional notation (with "h"). Compromise because 
we are forced to specify defaults for all usages.

> why would the contributing organizations and survey tool contributors 
> not have adopted that already? But I have personally no idea what is 
> common in French, so will leave it to others.

Which contributing organizations really worry about French short time 
formats ?

If you look at ISO 8859-1, the presence of French speaking experts did 
not preclude the omission of « Œ», « œ » and « Ÿ »... Hence ISO 8859-15.

P. A.

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