Month as a Roman numeral ? Out of bounds?

Patrick Andries patrick.andries at
Thu May 14 21:59:46 CDT 2015

In Europe, months are sometimes specified as Roman Numerals.

See today's photograph of a NATO Summit in Antalya (Turkey) :

Or this bus schedule in Bavaria (in the upper left corner : «Fallen der 
24.XII. und 31.XII. auf Werktage» etc.)

This is actually how I learned to write dates at school.

I'm not convinced whether this is something CLDR should deal with, it 
may actually be out of bounds.

But how could one make this formatting easily available to localizers if 
they prefer months to be displayed in this way? Try to convince each of 
the Javascript/C#/Java/php, etc. normalization commitees to include a 
new pattern letter ('r'/'R' ?) for month as a roman numeral? How much 
does what the CLDR provide influence what the programming languages 
could implement later on?  In other words, if a new symbol is added to 
<>, is there a better 
chance that programming langages will present users with the 
libraries/functions to use such symbol?


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