#9066: Territory code request for Abkhazia

Mats Blakstad mats.gbproject at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 02:51:35 CST 2015

I've added more info now:

Notice that Abkhazia use other *currency*, other *time zone* + other *telephone
codes* than Geogia. The way I see it, to save this data under "GE-AB" would
be exactly an "intent to make a statement" guided by other aims than
developing CLDR in a consistent and coherent way. Or is it possible to add
currency information to a subdivisions in CLDR? Or maybe we should add
Russian Ruble to Georgia, as a part of their territory now actually uses
this currency?

No I can't use "GE-AB" in an alpha-2 coding system for territories. In
general a solution like this complicated things a lot and is completely
unnecessary. In a CMS like Drupal, the code would not be valid. I mean, why
not just make a territory code, and then Abkhazia can be treated both as
territory and as a sub-division like several other regions already are?

And no I'm not asking about how I can make a private solution. I'm asking *how
to add a new territory code to CLDR*.

Why? Well... Why are not people just making their own private locale data
system for Spain, Norway, India or any territory? Because sharing and
maintaining localization data together is so much better: It is easier for
everyone to get better quality of the data. I guess that is the philosophy
behind the 'C' in the name CLDR, standing for 'Common': "*Common* Locale
Data Repository" :)

Thanks Philippe for clearing up about the exceptional reservation in
ISO3166-1, I guess it makes more sense now. However, to me it seems like
CLDR have the ability to be pragmatic, as these territories and Kosovo have
been included despite they're not officially part of ISO 3166-1. The issue
could be solved by assigning a private use tag like 'XA' to Abkhazia.

Again: I think the development of territory codes within "Common Locale
Data Repository" should be guided by exactly whether localization data is
needed, not what goes on in UN. Lets try to have some institutional

2015-11-19 5:58 GMT+01:00 Steven R. Loomis <srl at icu-project.org>:

> Last I checked the ticket didn't mention language. Please do so.
> Yes, you can collect the material and determine the locale id later. It's
> not so important for collecting data.
> S
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> El 18 nov 2015, a las 8:29 PM, Doug Ewell <doug at ewellic.org> escribió:
> Mats Blakstad wrote:
> What I ask for is to provide localization data for Abkhazia, that
> people then can choose to use or not. I don't understand why political
> converses in UN should decide weather we are allowed to collect
> localization data for a new territory within CLDR.
> If there's no intent to make a statement, then you can use the standard
> coding "GE-AB" for the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, which is
> coterminous with the disputed state.
> For example, a CLDR resource file containing resources in "the Abkhaz
> language as spoken in Abkhazia" (redundant, but used here for illustration)
> might be named "ab_GE_u_sd_geab.xml".
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