Missing some language names?

Chapman, Christopher Christopher.Chapman at monotype.com
Mon Sep 14 12:49:55 CDT 2015

Hi Folks,

I'm just starting to use the CLDR and I apologize if this is a naïve question, but should I be able to find mappings of all the language tags used in the CLDR to their full names in the <Languages> sections of the files in core/common/main (e.g. core/common/main/en.xml)?  I ask, because I found only some of them there, not all of them.

For example, in core/common/supplemental/supplementalData.xml, I see entries like this:
                                <territory type="AF" gdp="45300000000" literacyPercent="28.1" population="31822800">           <!--Afghanistan-->
                                                <languagePopulation type="fa" populationPercent="50" officialStatus="official"/>          <!--Persian-->
                                                <languagePopulation type="ps" populationPercent="43" officialStatus="official" references="R1055"/>  <!--Pashto-->
                                                <languagePopulation type="haz" populationPercent="5.9"/>     <!--Hazaragi-->
                                                <languagePopulation type="uz_Arab" populationPercent="4.7" officialStatus="official_regional"/>          <!--Uzbek (Arabic)-->
                                                <languagePopulation type="tk_Latn" populationPercent="1.7" officialStatus="official_regional"/>          <!--Turkmen (Latin)-->
                                                <languagePopulation type="prd" populationPercent="1.2"/>     <!--Parsi-Dari-->
                                                <languagePopulation type="bal" populationPercent="0.67" officialStatus="official_regional"/>          <!--Baluchi-->
                                                <languagePopulation type="ug_Arab" populationPercent="0.0094" references="R1165"/>                <!--Uyghur (Arabic)-->
                                                <languagePopulation type="kk_Arab" populationPercent="0.0063" references="R1119"/>                <!--Kazakh (Arabic)-->

...and in core/common/main/en.xml, I see some (but not all) of those language tags mapped to their English names, e.g.:
                        <language type="fa">Persian</language>
                        <language type="ps">Pashto</language>
                        <language type="uz">Uzbek</language>
                        <language type="tk">Turkmen</language>
                        <language type="bal">Baluchi</language>
                        <language type="ug">Uyghur</language>
                        <language type="kk">Kazakh</language>

Missing from that file (and missing from all the files in core/common/main) are entries for "haz" and "prd".  Should they be there?  If not, where should I find them?

In case it helps, here's the version info. from the core/common/main/en.xml that I'm using:
                                <version number="$Revision: 11348 $"/>
                                <generation date="$Date: 2015-03-05 01:15:52 -0600 (Thu, 05 Mar 2015) $"/>

...and here's the version of core/common/supplemental/supplementalData.xml that I'm using:
    <version number="$Revision: 11318 $"/>
    <generation date="$Date: 2015-02-25 23:47:56 -0600 (Wed, 25 Feb 2015) $"/>



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