Ordinal endings

Philippe Verdy verdy_p at wanadoo.fr
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For the feminine French form of "1er" the recommended typography is "1re"
not "1ère" (actually with the suffix "re" in superscript style).

Same remark about "2ème" (deuxième) preferably "2e", except when this this
the second and **last** in a pair, in which case the translation is
"second(e)" and the abbreviation is "2nd" or "2de", not to be used if there
are more than two items in the series; example : "Seconde Guerre mondiale"
and not "Deuxième Guerre mondiale", with the expressed hope this is the
last World War...

[But we've already heard in various medias that the current situation in
the Middle East is already now a Third World War as it involves so many
countries of the world and the conflict has already spread in various forms
through all continents and has already impacted the politics and public
freedoms in many countries, with active deployment of armies in everyday
civil life all around the world...].

These are cases where many people (including you visibly) don't know the
recommendations and may use alternate abbreviations or the incorrect term.

2016-02-28 2:17 GMT+01:00 Felipe Gasper <felipe at felipegasper.com>:

> Hello,
>         I’m wanting to make a function that takes in an integer and a
> locale tag and spits out the ordinal form of that integer in the given
> locale. For example:
> to_ordinal( 5, 'en' ) => '5th',
> to_ordinal( 1, 'fr' ) => '1er',
>         I know this is tricky because in many cases (e.g., the second
> example that I posted!) the ordinal form will depend on more context--for
> example, in French it could be (something like) “1er” or “1ère”.
>         Only English seems to have the actual text of the ordinal endings
> in CLDR … is that because there are but few languages whose ordinal forms
> are simple enough to require no additional context?
>         Thank you!
> -Felipe Gasper
> Houston, TX
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