Duration Lists?

Steven Loomis srl at icu-project.org
Thu Mar 31 12:07:39 CDT 2016

>From path header:

../../tools/java/org/unicode/cldr/util/data/PathHeader.txt://ldml/listPatterns/listPattern[@type="unit-short"]/listPatternPart[@type="%A"] ; Misc ; Displaying Lists ; Short Duration Lists ; &listOrder($1)

So the type “unit-short” is named “Short Duration List”.

What is this list and what is it for? It’s not documented.

I’m at TC39. The question is how CLDR lists map to the following four use cases:

• separating numbers:   “4, 5, 6” or “4;5;6"
• separating units: “5months 3days” or “5 lb 8 oz”
• separating “regular” things - “Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday”
• separating “regular" in short form - “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday”


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