Dataset for all ISO639 code sorted by country/territory?

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On 20 November 2016 at 19:54, Shawn Steele <Shawn.Steele at>

> > That the data is not there today is a poor argument for not providing it.
> Ethnologue mentions the US has nearly 291 living languages + 11 extinct
> languages.
Is this including or excluding "immigrant" languages?

> Should all 291 be listed in the table?
Yes for sure.

> It seems to me that if CLDR is “merely” a copy of Ethnologue, then as a
> software developer I may prefer to go straight to the source.
The problem arise when that source is not open source and you need to pay
money to access the dataset or to use it. As a developer I may prefer
to make use of and change the data in anyway to suits myself without
asking anyone for premission to do it. Besides making it an open source
dataset can also help increase the quality as more people can help develop
the data end correct it.

> I’m also not sure what I’m supposed to do knowing that there are 291
> living languages in the US.  I’m probably not going to localize to all of
> them.
Maybe you will not, but maybe others want to. To know the languages of your
target markets are important.

>   If I have a language picker, it seems to me that I’d perhaps want a
> shorter list of more common languages, but also I’d prefer users be able to
> pick a language not on the list.
Makeing CLDR provide information of lesses known languages will of course
not enfource you to have a long list of languages in your website or
prevent you from lettings your users choose other languages. You can can
choose yourself how to use it. In fact you get a much more flexible
solution, you can easily extract exactly the list you want, e.g. all
languages spoken by more than 100 000 people. So I guess the way it works
is that CLDR simply provdes the data and you can choose yourself exactly
how you want to use it.
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