Updates required for new Japanese era (imperial calendar) - plans for handling?

Martin J. Dürst duerst at it.aoyama.ac.jp
Mon Oct 10 00:25:32 CDT 2016

Hello Elsebeth,

I'm not part of the CLDR team (or what it is called), but if you really 
want to go for speed, it might be easier to add the necessary data (a 
line or two?) to the necessary file yourself as an interim solution, or 
you might want to instruct your customers on how they can do it.

Because of different time zones, it's easy to lose a day even if 
everybody is reacting immediately.

Also, I very much hope you still have some time to plan for this, 
because the current emperor is still healthy. Also, there is a 
discussion going on to allow a change of law so that he might abdicate 
while still being alive. This hasn't happened in recent times, and it's 
a very delicate matter.

The Emperor isn't supposed to make any political statements (e.g. tell 
parliament to create or change a law), but the politicians on the other 
hand aren't supposed to tell, or even suggest, to the emperor that he 
might abdicate. Fortunately, a start was made when the Emperor was 
allowed to express his opinion that early abdication might be an option.

I of course have no idea, but it might turn out that the next time the 
era changes, there is a bit more time because an abdication would most 
probably be pre-announced. Of course, I don't know whether the new era 
name would also be pre-announced.

Regards,   Martin.

On 2016/10/08 06:31, Elsebeth Flarup wrote:
> I just asked a question about the process for handling a new Japanese emperor ascending the throne on the ICU support list. This will require a new ICU version, but Steven Loomis reminded me that there is also a data requirement - CLDR would need to be updated with the new era name and start date.
> Are there any plans for handling this outside of the normal release cycle for CLDR? We have Japanese customers who are asking about turn-around time and clearly expecting this to be very fast.
> Thanks,Elsebeth
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