Time format characters 'h' and 'k'

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> As I recall, one of those historical anomalies (like the surrogate range
> not being at the top of the BMP).

I don't think this is an anomaly: placing the surrogates at top would have
avoided the emergence of UTF-8 with compatiblity with 7-bit US-ASCII.
Placing them at top would have broken many more things and UTF-8 would have
not become the most useful encoding and the default now to be supported by
all web standards.

Ideally the surrogates should have been at end of the BMP (possibly leaving
only a few non-characters after them or tweaking surrogates and allcoations
in places so that they would have not used U+FFFE and U+FFFF kept as
reserved surrogates not used in any pair for valid codepoints). They would
have sorted in binary mode and preserved the binary order between UTF-8,
UTF-16 and UTF-32...
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