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Hi everyone,

I have a question for you about numbering systems...

Chinese uses latn for the default nu (zh), hanidec for the native nu
(zh-u-nu-native), hans for the traditional nu (zh-u-nu-traditio), and
hansfin for finance nu (zh-u-nu-finance). CLDR also includes data for the
*numeric* cited numbering systems, i.e., latn and hanidec (e.g.,
and decimalFormats-numberSystem-hanidec
So far so good...

My question is, what decimalFormats (percentFormats, currencyFormats, etc)
should be used for another arbitrary numbering system? For example, using
fullwide numbering system in Chinese (zu-u-nu-fullwide). There's no
decimalFormats-numberSystem-fullwide. I didn't find anything in UTS Part 3:
Numbers about
defining what to do in such case.

ICU seems to handle that case fine though:

Is there any recommendation implementations should follow?

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