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Thu Feb 16 18:30:59 CST 2017


I need some clarification on using time zone names spec.

I am implementing the date/time format for date symbols `zzzz` and I have
questions on the regarding the time zone format spec

I am focusing on regionFormat-standard and regionFormat-daylight
related to `zzzz`  format “{0} Standard Time” *or* “{COUNTRY} Standard Time
/ {CITY} Standard Time”.

Based on tr35 documentation
spec I use metaZone and golden Zone in TimeZoneNames. But, I have these
questions which I could not get the answers from tr35 documentation

·      Is there any time zone which is not in a metaZone?

·      If there is a time zone which is not in a metaZone

o   Where is the localized COUNTRY or CITY name for constructing “{COUNTRY}
Standard Time / {CITY} Standard Time?

o   Should I use exemplarCity in TimeZoneNames.json

Secondly,  for existing metaZone
in TimeZoneNames for `z…zzz` there are cases where there is no short time
zone names like for Asia/Calcutta
In this case, I have these questions to be clarified

·      Should I fall back to “O” (GMT) format?

·      Can we have some algorithm in zone format spec
<> about short time zone name

Can someone help me to clarify the above questions?


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