Usable regional authorization workflow service integration

Helena S Chapman hchapman at
Thu Mar 9 08:50:42 CST 2017

A question around the scope and role of CLDR due to my ignorance so please 
feel free to direct and critique accordingly. 

A common use of OAth service integration is when someone signs on to a new 
service offering as a consumer, we are often asked to "authenticate" thru 
our Facebook, Google+, Linkedin or Twitter accounts in the US. Either that 
or pay the price of one registration per site to gain access. The 
challenge is, other than Linkedin, none of the other services are 
available in Mainland China. A popular social media in Japan is LINE. Or 
MyMFB in certain other regions. 

Is this something CLDR would be able to help with over time? Ability to 
support various authorization workload/service integration at regional 
level that changes as business wax and wane with users' preferences? Fully 
equipped with sample integrations to Node (e.g. EveryAuth), PHP (Opauth), 
Python (SocialOAuth), or Cloud (Auth0) in ICU for various regions in the 
same web or mobile app?

Or is this completely out of scope? Authorization workflow is only one 
example, there are other global user experiences related topics that can 
fall under a similar umbrella.

signed, a person with a day job in globalization and hands-on 
cybersecurity and privacy experiences

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