Usable regional authorization workflow service integration

Mike Frysinger vapier at
Thu Mar 9 16:16:43 CST 2017

On 09 Mar 2017 22:37, Philippe Verdy wrote:
> I'm not talking about the value of these services but to the initial
> question about OAuth for single sign-in on the CLDR site, where only a few
> major US providers are proposed (I'd say "advertized" there):
> do you want to include only OAuth providers that are full members of CLDR
> TC or Unicode ?

the original post does not seem to be about "what providers can be used
to log in w/CLDR" but more "can CLDR be a focal point for OAuth/regional
authorities".  i'm with Markus -- this doesn't look like it's anywhere
close to what CLDR is doing or should be doing.
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