Singhala scirpt ill defined by OpenType standard

Christopher Fynn chris.fynn at
Fri Apr 4 02:15:33 CDT 2014

If you think there is a problem with OpenType  and Singala, the place
to bring that up is on the OpenType  list - not the Unicode list.

There are often several different ways of accomplishing things with
OpenType - and how you do them also depends on how you design the

Creating and Supporting OpenType Fonts for Sinhala Script
<> is
not part of the OpenType specification  it is just a guideline for
creating OpenType Singhala fonts  based on how Microsoft made their
own Singhala  font - but some other font maker could do things a
little differently - as long as the text renders correctly with the

If you have problems with the document itself and the use of terms -
you should take that up with Microsoft typography and give them
suggestions how to fix it. It was probably written by someone who
makes the OpenType tables for fonts for many different scripts with no
particular knowledge of the  the Singhala language or of Sanskrit.

On 04/04/2014, Naena Guru <naenaguru at> wrote:
> Here is the proof that OpenType standard defined the Singhala script
> wrongly. Also find a BNF grammar that describes it.
> Thanks.

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