Singhala scirpt ill defined by OpenType standard

Doug Ewell doug at
Fri Apr 4 11:12:59 CDT 2014

Christopher Fynn <chris dot fynn at gmail dot com> wrote:

>> Here is the proof that OpenType standard defined the Singhala script
>> wrongly. Also find a BNF grammar that describes it.
> If you think there is a problem with OpenType and Singala, the place
> to bring that up is on the OpenType list - not the Unicode list.

If you look at the page Naena cited, you'll see that he conflates
Unicode and OpenType -- the page is titled "Unicode misunderstands
Singhala script" -- and also that he considers the Unicode encoding of
Sinhala to have been motivated by evil intentions:

"However, this is threatened by the unscrupulous implementation of
Unicode Sinhala code page specification closing door to objective
criticism. A nearly decade long intransigence seems to be the
willingness among the technocracy in the country to value personal
wellbeing over obtaining a successful solution for digitizing Singhala."

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