Updated emoji working draft

William_J_G Overington wjgo_10009 at btinternet.com
Mon Apr 14 02:27:17 CDT 2014

>> Is this format suitable to become standardized for use in producing localized text-to-speech from emoji to the chosen local language?

> no, not particularly

Thank you for replying.

Well, I feel that it would be good if a format, whatever it may be, were decided at the May 2014 UTC (Unicode Technical Committee) meeting. This would enable application implementers to use a standardized format with a standardized file name; and enable advocates for localization to a particular language to produce a localization file for that particular language confident that the file produced would be widely compatible with various applications, such as browsers and email clients and ebook readers, from various manufacturers.

The particular file format that I mentioned is a simplified variant of an earlier format that I produced for my research. The original format contains a facility for organizing a cascading menu system for use in generating messages as well.

Yet, in general, what features are needed for such a format and can such a format become specified in good time for discussion before the May 2014 UTC meeting?

William Overington

14 April 2014

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