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It would be useful to have a sample text of the language, useful to show
examplar characters but a but more showing typical layout of words.

Many font selectors use only the sme Englsh text, a non-sense when fonts
are specifically designed for a non-Latin script. The first sentence of the
UDHR is better but sme lanuages have typical sentences used for typographic
usage, showing all (or most typical) letters of their alphabet, plus
essential punctuation (comma, full stop) in at least one complete sentence.
(sample digits are not needed they can be infered using number formats).

We could then have the addition of a "sample text" in CLDR (which would not
be a set of translations English would use the typical sentence about the
"jumping lazzy fox", French could use the sentence about the "juge blond",
Latin could use the wellknown first sentence of "Lorm Ipsum" even if it's
pseudo-Latin; the meaning of the sentence does not really matter)

For large scripts (including Hangul, even it is a small and simple alphabet
with a featural layout), it is not possibly to show all letters but a least
a represetnative subset showing typical features of the script and the
translation of the 1st sentence of the UDHR is a good sample text).

2014-07-23 21:53 GMT+02:00 Markus Scherer < at>:

> Some of the data is available in the Unicode CLDR script metadata:
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