Additional adoption form on

Manuel Strehl boldewyn at
Thu Dec 17 16:48:07 CST 2015

Thanks for the comment!

> As far as I'm concerned, the pop-up contents should end with the link
> "Read more about codepoint adoption." In your brief description, you
> might want to add a proviso about the temporary nature of character
> adoption.
Good catch! The 12-month period is important to mention. Putting the
"Read more" at the end sounds good to me, too.
> Submitting forms to a 3rd party site is a bad idea.
In principle I agree, But here I do that on purpose (the purpose being
to prefill the "codepoint to adopt" field). Since the form on the
adoption landing page doesn't fill in values given via form submit, I
decided to re-build it and let it post directly to the next step.


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