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Leo Broukhis leob at
Thu Dec 17 17:41:37 CST 2015

By "should end with the link" I implied "should not contain anything
that followed it at the time of my comment, including  the form and
the - thus obviated - disclaimer. :)

If submitting a form to a 3rd party site results in an error for any
reason, the error will be displayed by the target host. This will
create a negative impression upon the target host, even if the bug is
in the submitting page, therefore submitting forms to 3rd party sites
should be avoided.

You can provide an opportunity and a suggestion to copy (ctrl-C) the
symbol in the pop-up.

On Thu, Dec 17, 2015 at 2:48 PM, Manuel Strehl <boldewyn at> wrote:
> Thanks for the comment!
>> As far as I'm concerned, the pop-up contents should end with the link
>> "Read more about codepoint adoption." In your brief description, you
>> might want to add a proviso about the temporary nature of character
>> adoption.
> Good catch! The 12-month period is important to mention. Putting the
> "Read more" at the end sounds good to me, too.
>> Submitting forms to a 3rd party site is a bad idea.
> In principle I agree, But here I do that on purpose (the purpose being
> to prefill the "codepoint to adopt" field). Since the form on the
> adoption landing page doesn't fill in values given via form submit, I
> decided to re-build it and let it post directly to the next step.
> -Manuel

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