Wrong plane numbers

Jean-François Colson jf at colson.eu
Fri Feb 6 09:15:57 CST 2015

Le 06/02/15 16:06, Markus Scherer a écrit :
> These are not block boundaries. These lines are for book chart 
> production, where we don't need to print every unsigned code point.
> markus
OK. But what about
@@    FFF80    Supplementary Private Use Area-A    FFFFF

The Supplementary Private Use Area-A doesn’t begin at FFF80: it begins 
at F0000.
It doesn’t end at FFFFF: it ends at FFFFD.

@@    1E00    Latin Extended Additional    1EFF
1E00 and 1EFF are the limits of the block “Latin Extended Additional”.

Why isn’t it so with
@@    FFF80    Supplementary Private Use Area-A    FFFFF

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