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On Tue, Feb 10, 2015 at 12:11 AM, Ken Whistler <kenwhistler at att.net> wrote:

> for the full context, and for the current 26x26 letter matrix which is
> the basis for the flag glyph implementations of regional indicator
> code pairs on smartphones.
> SC, SO, ST are already taken, but might I suggest putting in for
> registering
> "AB" for Alba? That one is currently unassigned.
> Yeah, yeah, what is the likelihood of BSI pushing for a Scots two-letter
> code?! But seriously, if folks are planning ahead for Scots independence
> or even some kind of greater autonomy, this is an issue that needs to
> be worked, anyway.
> In the meantime, let me reiterate that there is *no* formal relationship
> between TLD's and the regional indicator codes in Unicode (or the
> implementations
> built upon them). Well, yes, a bunch of registered TLD's do match the
> country
> codes, but there is no two-letter constraint on TLD's. This should already
> be apparent, as Scotland has registered ".scot" At this point there isn't
> even
> a limitation of TLD's to ASCII letters, so there is no way to map them
> to the limited set of regional indicator codes in the Unicode Standard.
> Not having a two letter country code for Scotland that matches the
> four letter TLD for Scotland might indeed be a problem for someone,
> but I don't see *this* as a problem that the Unicode Standard needs
> to solve.

​I want to add to that that there are already a fair number of ISO 2-letter
codes for regions that are administered as part of another country, like
Hong Kong. There are also codes for crown possessions like Guernsey. So
having a code for Scotland (and Wales, and N. Ireland) do not really break
precedent. But as Ken says, the best mechanism is for the UK to push for a
code in ISO and the UN.

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