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This is not a contradiction.

combine the two rules and they are equivalent to these two alternate rules:
WB56 can be read as these two:

 (WB56a) ALetter  ×  (MidLetter | MidNumLet | Single_Quote) (ALetter |

 (WB56b)  Hebrew_Letter  ×  (MidLetter | MidNumLet | Single_Quote) (ALetter
| Hebrew_Letter)

Then add :

  (WB57) Hebrew_Letter  ×  Single_Quote

it just removes the condition of a letter following the quote  in WB56b.
So that WB56b and WB57 can be read as equivalent to these two:

 (WB56c)  Hebrew_Letter  ×  (MidLetter | MidNumLet) (ALetter |

 (WB57) Hebrew_Letter × Single_Quote

But you cannot merge any of these two last rules in a single rule for WB56.

2015-01-25 7:26 GMT+01:00 Karl Williamson <public at>:

> I vaguely recall asking something like this before, but if so, I didn't
> save the answers, and a search of the archives didn't turn up anything.
> Some of the rules in UAX #29 don't make sense to me.
> For example, rule WB7a
>   Hebrew_Letter         ×       Single_Quote
> seems to say that a Hebrew_Letter followed by a Single Quote shouldn't
> break.  (And Rule WB4 says that actually there can be Extend and Format
> characters between the two and those should be ignored).
> But the earlier rule, WB6
>  (ALetter | Hebrew_Letter)      ×       (MidLetter | MidNumLet |
> Single_Quote) (ALetter | Hebrew_Letter)
> seems to me to say (among other things) that a Hebrew Letter followed by a
> Single Quote shouldn't break if and only if the latter is also followed by
> either an ALetter or another Hebrew Letter (again modulo ignored Format and
> Extend letters)
> This seems contradictory.  One rule says something unconditionally, and
> the other rule adds conditions.
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