Adding RAINBOW FLAG to Unicode

Mark Davis ☕️ mark at
Thu Jul 2 12:44:23 CDT 2015

To add some information that people like Noah may not be aware of:

This email list is an open, public list for arbitrary discussions about
Unicode and software internationalization. It is *not* an email list for
consortium business—the vast majority of the people on it are *not* members
of the Unicode consortium, and are simply expressing their opinions on a
particular topic, as individuals. Members of the consortium are *not*
necessarily active on this list. Those who are do *not* necessarily engage
in every topic.

It can be a useful place to talk about possible proposals, but any opinions
provided here (or that appear in random blogs, news articles, or
petitions) are *not* taken into account by the consortium. Anyone wanting a
proposal to be considered *should* submit it via Those submissions *are* considered by
the relevant technical body in the consortium.

People proposing new *emoji* characters *should* read beforehand, and follow
the guidelines there. Proposals about emoji are directed to the emoji
subcommittee, which meets weekly. It makes recommendations to the UTC,
which meets quarterly.
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