Adding RAINBOW FLAG to Unicode

Doug Ewell doug at
Tue Jul 7 11:07:22 CDT 2015

Disclaimer: These are only suggestions. I've never submitted a character
proposal. You should prefer the advice of people who have, or of UTC
members who evaluate proposals.

Noah Slater <nslater at tumbolia dot org> wrote:

> Previously in this thread, it was suggested that I make a formal
> proposal to the UTC. I have held back from doing this because it's not
> at all clear what implementation I should be proposing, or whether I
> can propose something WITHOUT an implementation. (Some advise there
> would be handy!)

If by "implementation" you mean a suggestion for how Unicode should
encode this flag (single character, extension to the PRI #299 mechanism
similar to what Ken proposed, or something else), it might be a good
idea to summarize the options and choose at least one "preferred"

> Should I trust that the UTC will be aware of the informal proposal of
> the rainbow flag when they meet to discuss PRI #299, or should I do
> something to properly bring it to their attention?

As Mark Davis wrote [1], this list is not a venue for formally proposing
anything, and it's not safe to assume that UTC members have read this
list and have any background. If you want to state something, make sure
you state it in the proposal. You can quote and paraphrase list
discussions, but don't just insert links to the list archive.


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