Tag characters and in-line graphics (from Tag characters)

William_J_G Overington wjgo_10009 at btinternet.com
Wed Jun 3 08:53:34 CDT 2015

Earlier in this thread, on 2 June 2015, I wrote as follows:
> A mechanism to be able to use the method to define a glyph linked to a Unicode code point would be a useful facility to add for use in a situation where the glyph is for a regular Unicode character.
I have now thought of a mechanism to use.
Please imagine the base character followed by a sequence of tag characters, the tag characters here represented by ordinary letters and digits.
Here is an example of the mechanism for defining the glyph for U+E702 in a particular document as 7 red pixels.
The tag H character switches to hexadecimal input mode, then there are as many tag characters as necessary to express in hexadecimal notation the code point of the character for which the definition is being made, then there is a tag U character to action the definition and go out of hexadecimal input mode. The tag 7r is to express 7 red pixels.
In practice the number of tag characters after the tag U character might be around 200, the above tag 7r is just a minimal example so as to explain the concept.
While posting, may I mention please one other matter?
Previously I mentioned using tag R, tag G and tag B is defining colours. I now add tag A into that defining colour so as to define opacity, that is what is sometimes called transparency, yet 0 means totally transparent and 255 means totally opaque. If no value is stated for A then it should be presumed to have a value of 255, so that the default situation is to define opaque colours.
I feel that the information in this thread is now a good basis for the assessment of this suggested format as to whether it could be a useful open source system with good interoperability potential that could usefully be submitted to the Unicode Technical Committee.
William Overington
3 June 2015
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