UDHR in Unicode: 400 translations in text form!

Ken Shirriff ken.shirriff at gmail.com
Sun Jun 28 14:30:07 CDT 2015

I don't mean to be critical, but I find the UDHR page is really hard to use.

Observed behavior:

I click on the map. I get circles. I click on a circle and get more
circles. I click again and get more circles. Keep clicking and I get weird
image icons with letters. I click on one and I get a popup with mysterious
sh X C T H OHCHR. I click on a language name and get a description of the
language. I hit back and need to go through the entire circle thing again.
I click on sh and get "Status: no known problems".  I hit back and go
through the circle thing again.  I click on X and get an XML file. I do the
back and circle thing again. I click C and get a list of Unicode
characters.  I click on the list of tables and get the same thing, except
without the multiple layers of circles. After several minutes of clicking,
I haven't seen any translations.

Expected behavior:

I click on the map and see a translation of the UDHR into an interesting
language with a cool font.


On Sun, Jun 28, 2015 at 11:28 AM, Eric Muller <eric.muller at efele.net> wrote:

> I am pleased to announce that the UDHR in Unicode project (
> http://unicode.org/udhr) has reached a notable milestone: we now have 400
> translations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in text form.
> The latest translation is in Sinhala, thanks to Keshan Sodimana, Pasundu
> de Silva and Sascha Brawer. Many thanks to them and to all the contributors.
> There is still plenty of work: most translations would benefit from a
> review, and there are 55 translations for which we have PDFs or images, but
> not yet the text form (look for stage 2 translations).
> The site has also been revamped a bit, with a more functional map, and a
> more functional table of the translations. The mapping to ISO 639-3 and BCP
> 47 have been updated to take into account the evolution of those standards.
> Again, thanks to all the contributors, past, present and future,
> Eric.
> PS: I believe I have taken care of all the backlog of contributions and
> comments. If I missed something, sorry, and please ping me again.
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