U+hhhh[h[h]] NAME syntax

Sean Leonard lists+unicode at seantek.com
Sat Aug 13 01:22:50 CDT 2016

It appears that U+hhhh[h[h]] NAME syntax is a very common--one might say 
"standard"--way of representing a particular Unicode character or code 
point in text.

It is the way that the Unicode Standard 9.0.0 refers to particular 
characters, and I have seen it around quite a bit. The Unicode Standard 
appears to put the NAME in small-caps format (but a plain text PDF 
search using Adobe Acrobat DC suggests that the underlying characters 
are lowercase), while in plain text, the name is generally 
all-capitalized (as it appears in the UCD).

Is there a section of the Unicode Standard, or some TR, that discusses 
this format or gives it a formal name? (I hunted but did not find 
discussion in the Unicode Standard.) Is it given any kind of preference 
or recommendations over other forms of identifying Unicode code points 
or characters?



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