Girl, 12, charged for threatening her school with emojis

Frédéric Grosshans frederic.grosshans at
Tue Mar 1 04:14:22 CST 2016

Le 29/02/2016 22:55, Philippe Verdy a écrit :
> So it's not the meaning, nor the technical mean by which these terms 
> were sent which is essential, the court will in fact want to judge 
> about the intent and the effective psychological nature of this 
> threat. What is the real intent of a 12-year old girl? There's not 
> enough element in the short message to judge and given her age she 
> does not really realize that this could have a so dramatic effect 
> (nobody has experienced that before based on only three words which 
> are not even evident personal insults).
> We'll have to bring to the fire many old famous comics (intended to 
> children) showing similar images in bubbles instead of slang words, or 
> label them "only for adults".
�� �� �� indeed recall some of the symbols proposed by Karl Pentzlin in 
2010 L2/10-402 <> 
Proposal to encode some additional Comic Style Symbols 
( ). It really 
looks like comics-style swearwords to me


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