Gaps in Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols

Oren Watson oren.watson at
Wed Mar 9 21:08:14 CST 2016

I was surprised to find out that there are gaps in the Mathematical
alphanumeric symbols block (U+1d400 to u+1d7ff). The gaps are associated
with the inclusion of similar symbols in other blocks, chiefly the
Letterlike Symbols Block.

Examples of such gaps include U+1d49d, U+1d506, etc.

But as a matter of convenience and simplicity, these missing codepoints
could have been defined, as decomposing directly to the equivalents in
Letterlike symbols, in the same manner that the Ångström sign decomposes to
the letter Å. That would make these ranges contiguous.

Is there a policy about leaving gaps in otherwise contiguous ranges of

--Oren Watson
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