Joined "ti" coded as "Ɵ" in PDF

Don Osborn dzo at
Thu Mar 17 11:43:33 CDT 2016

Odd result when copy/pasting text from a PDF: For some reason "ti" in 
the (English) text of the document at 
is coded as "Ɵ". Looking more closely at the original text, it does 
appear that the glyph is a "ti" ligature (which afaik is not coded as 
such in Unicode).

Out of curiosity, did a web search on "internaƟonal" and got over 11k 
hits, apparently all PDFs.

Anyone have any idea what's going on? Am assuming this is not a 
deliberate choice by diverse people creating PDFs and wanting "ti" 
ligatures for stylistic reasons. Note the document linked above is 
current, so this is not (just) an issue with older documents.

Don Osborn

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