Swapcase for Titlecase characters

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Sun Mar 20 13:09:44 CDT 2016

Otto Stolz wrote:

>> [ ... ] I'd imagine that users just type the two characters
>> [IJ or ij] separately, and that consequently most data in the real
>> world is like that.
> For "IJ",
> cf. <http://www.unicode.org/versions/Unicode8.0.0/ch07.pdf#G21150>.

I can't make Edge or Acrobat Reader DC jump to the bookmark (suggestions 
off-list, please), but I guess Otto referred to this passage, which ends 
with the point I was trying to make:

> Another pair of characters, U+0133 LATIN SMALL LIGATURE IJ and its
> uppercase version, was provided to support the digraph "ij" in Dutch,
> often termed a "ligature" in discussions of Dutch orthography. When
> adding intercharacter spacing for line justification, the "ij" is kept
> as a unit, and the space between the i and j does not increase. In
> titlecasing, both the i and the j are uppercased, as in the word
> "IJsselmeer." Using a single code point might simplify software
> support for such features; however, because a vast amount of Dutch
> data is encoded without this digraph character, under most
> circumstances one will encounter an <i, j> sequence.

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