Swapcase for Titlecase characters

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Mon Mar 21 11:45:42 CDT 2016

I wrote:

> As one anecdote (which is even less like "data" than two anecdotes), I
> could not find any of the characters IJ ij DŽ Dž dž LJ Lj lj NJ Nj nj or their
> hex equivalents in any of the CLDR keyboard definitions. I'd imagine
> that users just type the two characters separately, and that
> consequently most data in the real world is like that.

Some off-list messages have helped to remind me that in the context of 
titlecase and swapcase, I should not have included IJ and ij (U+0132 and 
U+0133) in that list. There is clearly no question about how swapcase 
should handle those. Sorry for the distraction.

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