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> The *reason* that NamesList.txt exists at all is to drive the tool, unibook,
> that formats the full Unicode code charts for posting. It is only
> posted in the Unicode Character Database at all as a matter of
> convenience, to give people access to a text only version of the
> names list that appears in the fully formatted pdf versions of the
> code charts
> that contain all the representative glyphs.
> NamesList.txt should *not* be data mined.

I've just noticed that NamesList.txt is in a sense data mined by the
Unicode consortium itself. I mean the "Unicode Utilities: Character
Properties", which e.g. for LATIN SMALL LETTER P WITH FLOURISH
( display in

subhead: Medievalist addition

Am I right that this information is available only in NamesList.txt?

In my opinion this is important information and should be officially
available for character data mining engines.

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