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Tue Mar 29 11:15:15 CDT 2016

On 29 March 2016 at 16:19, Janusz S. Bień <jsbien at> wrote:
> > All documents submitted to WG2 and to L2 by individuals are copyright
> > of the author(s) of the document.  Documents do not need to carry a
> > copyright notice to have copyright, and submitting the documents to
> > Unicode Consortium and/or ISO does not affect the copyright status of
> > documents.
> >
> >>
> Do you happen to know an analogical link for the ISO submissions? I was
> unable to find one quickly.

ISO/IEC Directives Part 1 (6th ed., 2015)
Section 2.13:

In ISO and IEC, there is an understanding that original material
contributed to become a part of an ISO,
IEC or ISO/IEC publication can be copied and distributed within the
ISO and/or IEC systems (as relevant)
as part of the consensus building process, this being without
prejudice to the rights of the original
copyright owner to exploit the original text elsewhere. Where material
is already subject to copyright,
the right should be granted to ISO and/or IEC to reproduce and
circulate the material. This is frequently
done without recourse to a written agreement, or at most to a simple
written statement of acceptance.
Where contributors wish a formal signed agreement concerning copyright
of any submissions they
make to ISO and/or IEC, such requests must be addressed to ISO Central
Secretariat or the IEC Central
Office, respectively.


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