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Sat Oct 8 14:08:07 CDT 2016

Technically it is not a single font but a coherent collection of fonts made
specifically for each script (some scripts having several national
variants, notably for sinographs, most of them having two styles except
symbols, most of them having two weights, except symbols that have a single
weight and sinograms having more...)

So no they are not "pan-Unicode". Each font in the collection however has
its own metrics, best suited for each script, and they are still made to
harmonize together (tested side-by-side with Latin and CJK) so they look
great in multilingual documents. It would have not been possible in a
single font anyway.

2016-10-08 19:57 GMT+02:00 James Kass <jameskasskrv at>:

> Google and Monotype unveil The Noto Project's unified font for all
> languages:
> unveil-the-noto-projects-unified-font-for-all-languages/
> About ten years or so ago, I recall being actively discouraged from
> working on the Code2xxx fonts because pan-Unicode fonts were passé, because
> there was no perceived need for displaying multilingual text in a coherent
> typeface, and that the optimal solution was for people to simply have
> multiple fonts targeting the users' required scripts.
> Ironic, isn't it?
> Best regards,
> James Kass
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