CLDR Version 30 alpha available

Peter Edberg pedberg at
Fri Sep 9 19:23:55 CDT 2016

Dear Unicode list members,

The alpha draft version of Unicode CLDR v30 is available for testing. The main improvements include:
• New format and preference structure has been added to support week designations such as “the week of August 10” or “week 3 of March”.
• New data items have been added to support relative times such as “3 Fridays ago” or ”this hour”.
• New <characterLabels> data can be used to generate labels for groups of related characters in character pickers.
• The structure for emoji annotations has been revised, and the data has been significantly updated.
• Unicode support is updated to 9.0, including updated Unihan readings for the pinyin collation and Han-Latin transforms, and support for new script codes and number systems. Support is also added for region codes EZ, UN.
• The set of language codes for translation has been updated, with a significant increase in the total number of translated language names.
• The CLDR 30 Survey Tool data collection and additional bug fixing resulted in a net increase in data items of about 8.6%, with an additional 5.6% of items changed.

Draft release note: <>
Draft charts: <>
Draft data tag: <>

The final release of CLDR 30 is targeted for the end of September. Please provide any feedback on the alpha draft version by filing a ticket as described Here: <>

Best regards,
Peter Edberg for the CLDR Project

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