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> Android has always been a challenge.
> A couple of handset manufactorers allow users to change between
> preinstalled fonts and in some cases allow installation of fonts via
> licensed solutions like flipfont.

LG offers that possibility directly from its prepackaged online app store
that proposes many fonts. You can even upgrade builtin fonts, notably Noto
and Roboto families (removing them will restore the fonts prebuilt in the
device ROM, just like you can also "uninstall" updates to builtin apps, to
restore their stock version).

Fonts are a viable market, but most sales of fonts are for
"funny/decorative" font styles (most often with very limited coverage
outside basic Latin). Or sold to be used for inclusion and deployement in
application packages by application developers that licenced them or to be
used by graphic designers and advertizing networks, for titling and
logography on websites, books/press, or for merchandising (clothes...): the
full coverage for plain text and many languages is not needed.

For generic texts and UI on smartphones, a single uniform and minimalist
style such as Noto for the UI is generally prefered (some manufacturers are
preinstalling some additional fonts and use them by default in device
settings, many of them include a serif style family, but with limited
coverage such as Times, or a few other legacy sans-serif fonts such as
basic versions of Helvetica, Arial or Verdana, and a single monospaced font
with very low coverage, to be used only for booting environments or in
debugging consoles).

Very few users will switch their UI to use a more decorative style, but if
they do it, they'll also change it frequently in their settings (and will
also be the most frequent customers for alternate font styles available to
them at tiny prices on mobile app markets). There are far more users
adjusting the default font size rather than font family or styles.

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