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Unicode® Technical Reports

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Unicode Standard Annexes
UAX 9 Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm
UAX 11 East Asian Width
UAX 14 Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm
UAX 15 Unicode Normalization Forms
UAX 24 Unicode Script Property
UAX 29 Unicode Text Segmentation
UAX 31 Unicode Identifier and Pattern Syntax
UAX 34 Unicode Named Character Sequences
UAX 38 Unicode Han Database (Unihan)
UAX 41 Common References for Unicode Standard Annexes
UAX 42 Unicode Character Database in XML
UAX 44 Unicode Character Database
UAX 45 U-Source Ideographs
UAX 50 Unicode Vertical Text Layout
  (See also Proposed Updates for Standard Annexes)
Technical Standards
UTS 10 Unicode Collation Algorithm
(See also Proposed Update)
UTS 18 Unicode Regular Expressions
(See also Proposed Update)
UTS 35 Unicode Locale Data Markup Language (LDML)
(See also Proposed Update)
UTS 37 Unicode Ideographic Variation Database
UTS 39 Unicode Security Mechanisms
(See also Proposed Update)
UTS 46 Unicode IDNA Compatibility Processing
(See also Proposed Update)
UTS 51 Unicode Emoji
(See also Proposed Update)
UTS 55 Unicode Source Code Handling (Draft)
Technical Reports
UTR 17 Unicode Character Encoding Model
UTR 23 The Unicode Character Property Model
UTR 25 Unicode Support for Mathematics
UTR 33 Unicode Conformance Model
UTR 36 Unicode Security Considerations
UTR 53 Unicode Arabic Mark Rendering
UTR 54 Unicode Mongolian 12.1 Snapshot
Stabilized Reports
UTS 6 A Standard Compression Scheme for Unicode
UTS 22 Unicode Character Mapping Markup Language
UTR 26 Compatibility Encoding Scheme for UTF-16: 8-Bit (CESU-8)
Old Versions of the Unicode Standard (Superseded)
UTR 4 The Unicode Standard, Version 1.1
UTR 8 The Unicode Standard, Version 2.1
UAX 27 Unicode 3.1
UAX 28 Unicode 3.2
Other Superseded Reports
UTR 1 Proposals for Burmese (Myanmar), Khmer, and Ethiopian
UTR 2 Proposals for Sinhala, Mongolian, and Tibetan
UTR 3 Proposals for Less Common Scripts
UTR 5 Handling Non-Spacing Marks
UTR 7 Plane 14 Characters for Language Tags
UAX 13 Unicode Newline Guidelines
UAX 19 UTF-32
UAX 21 Case Mappings
Withdrawn or Suspended Reports
UTR 12 Support for Interlinear Annotations
UTR 20 Unicode in XML and other Markup Languages
UTR 30 Unicode Character Foldings
UTR 32 Assessing Unicode Support
UTS 40 BOCU-1: MIME-Compatible Unicode Compression
UTR 49 Unicode Character Categories
UTS 52 Unicode Emoji Mechanisms

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