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Delta Charts

CLDR Version 27.0.1 Main Chart Index 2015-03-30 19:50:42 GMT

Charts showing the differences from the last version (26). Not all changed data is shown; currently differences in the annotations, segments, and keyboards are not charted.

CLDR BCP47 Delta
CLDR Supplemental Data
Afrikaans Delta
Aghem Delta
Amharic Delta
Arabic Delta
Asturian Delta
Azerbaijani Delta
Azerbaijani (Cyrillic) Delta
Belarusian Delta
Bulgarian Delta
Bambara Delta
Bengali Delta
Breton Delta
Bodo Delta
Bosnian Delta
Bosnian (Cyrillic) Delta
Catalan Delta
Czech Delta
Welsh Delta
Danish Delta
German Delta
Lower Sorbian Delta
Ewe Delta
Greek Delta
English Delta
Esperanto Delta
Spanish Delta
Estonian Delta
Basque Delta
Persian Delta
Finnish Delta
Filipino Delta
Faroese Delta
French Delta
Friulian Delta
Western Frisian Delta
Irish Delta
Scottish Gaelic Delta
Galician Delta
Swiss German Delta
Gujarati Delta
Hebrew Delta
Hindi Delta
Croatian Delta
Upper Sorbian Delta
Hungarian Delta
Armenian Delta
Indonesian Delta
Icelandic Delta
Italian Delta
Japanese Delta
Georgian Delta
Kabyle Delta
Kabuverdianu Delta
Kazakh Delta
Kalenjin Delta
Khmer Delta
Kannada Delta
Korean Delta
Kashmiri Delta
Cornish Delta
Kyrgyz Delta
Luxembourgish Delta
Lao Delta
Lithuanian Delta
Latvian Delta
Macedonian Delta
Malayalam Delta
Mongolian Delta
Marathi Delta
Malay Delta
Maltese Delta
Burmese Delta
Norwegian Bokmål Delta
Nepali Delta
Dutch Delta
Norwegian Nynorsk Delta
Oromo Delta
Ossetic Delta
Punjabi Delta
Polish Delta
Portuguese Delta
Quechua Delta
Romansh Delta
Romanian Delta
Root Delta
Russian Delta
Sena Delta
Sinhala Delta
Slovak Delta
Slovenian Delta
Somali Delta
Albanian Delta
Serbian Delta
Serbian (Latin) Delta
Swedish Delta
Swahili Delta
Tamil Delta
Telugu Delta
Thai Delta
Tigrinya Delta
Tongan Delta
Turkish Delta
Central Atlas Tamazight Delta
Ukrainian Delta
Urdu Delta
Uzbek Delta
Uzbek (Cyrillic) Delta
Vai Delta
Vai (Latin) Delta
Vietnamese Delta
Walser Delta
Yiddish Delta
Chinese Delta
Simplified Chinese Delta
Traditional Chinese Delta
Zulu Delta
Summary Delta