Unicode Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR)

ReadMe for Unicode CLDR version 33

Last updated: 2018-Mar-20

This is the final release version of CLDR 33.

For further information:

Tools Quickstart:

  1. Build cldr.jar:
    ant -f tools/java/build.xml jar
  2. List available tools:
    java -jar tools/java/cldr.jar
  3. List less-than-documented tools:
    java -jar tools/java/cldr.jar -l
  4. Run the XML Validator against some file.xml:
    java -jar tools/java/cldr.jar validate ../path/to/your/file.xml
  5. Run some other tool that doesn't have a nice short alias like 'validate':
    java -jar tools/java/cldr.jar org.unicode.cldr.draft.NormalizedIdentifierParser
  6. Convert LDML to JSON data:
    java -DCLDR_DIR=/path/to/cldr/data -jar tools/java/cldr.jar ldml2json -r true
  7. More info:
    CLDR Tools Website


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