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Status and history for dag


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Denis Moyogo Jacquerye writes:

From what I gathered from Rhonda Hartell’s Alphabets of Africa and the documents referenced or linked to on the Wikipedia article about the Dagbani language, especially Dagbani Plant Names or Interaction of tone and morphology in Dagbani, there is no evidence of the use of the letter X. However the letter Latin Gamma (Ɣ ɣ) is used in some orthographies to transcribe a contextual allophone of g. I’m guessing X should be replaced by as it was probably used as a substitute by the translator.

See the word "biɛɣu" (transcribed biEGu) in "Interaction of tone and morphology in Dagbani and "biɛxu" in UDHR. "Dagbani Plant Names" clearly states "Most orthographies mark /ɣ/ the velar fricative as a separate consonant. This appears to be unnecessary as /ɣ/ is simply a positional allophone of /g/ between vowels. Nonetheless, it is marked in the present text as Dagbani speakers are familiar with it." This agrees with Aphabets of Africa which gives ɣ and g for /ɣ/.


September 20, 2008  Following Denis Moyogo Jacquerye’s observation above, replaced x by U+0263 ɣ LATIN SMALL LETTER GAMMA.
September 4, 2006  stage 4: OHCHR identified as the source, complete XML contributed by Adobe Systems.