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Status and history for fra


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March 1, 2011  Removed a couple of extraneous commas in the last article.
March 26, 2006  The official record of the Declaration (in English and French) is available from the UN site, at http://daccessdds.un.org/doc/RESOLUTION/GEN/NR0/043/88/IMG/NR004388.pdf?OpenElement, and the French version at the UNHCHR site contains a small differences. Our text has been corrected to accurately reflect the official record. Thanks to Benjamin Titze for pointing this out.
September 9, 2006  stage 7.
September 9, 2006  [Eric Muller] content, characters and PDF are clean.
September 9, 2006  [Eric Muller] restored the accents on capital letters (É in États). restored a few missing «.»
September 4, 2006  stage 4: OHCHR identified as the source, complete XML contributed by Adobe Systems.