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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#7368 WIKIPedia data integration data Current enhancement srl accepted 09/13/13
#7433 usage guidelines other Current task srl accepted 01/28/14
#8107 Absolute Fine Skin Care other Current task new 04/23/14
#7335 ulibreak demo- case sensitive? other Current unknown srl accepted 04/11/13
#7336 uli xls to json processor needs work other Current unknown srl accepted 04/11/13
#7342 Add ULI Technical Doc describing characters to use for exception internal processing other Current unknown hchapman new 04/23/13
#7344 Add ULI Technical DOc describing format of JSON files other Current unknown srl new 04/23/13
#7346 Add additional locales based on input other Current unknown hchapman assigned 05/20/13
#8104 General data provenance information other Current unknown new 04/22/14
#8105 Abbreviation in non-Latin environment other Current unknown new 04/22/14
#8106 Buy Online Weight Loss Plans In Spain other Current unknown new 04/22/14
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